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BGŻ BNP Paribas knows that credit stands for making dreams come true!

Skiing or snowboarding? Visiting Norway or Iceland? Reaching peaks in Mexico or in the Alps? Independently from what is your idea on winter holidays, making it happen requires money. Banks know that cash isn’t a goal itself and people use it to make their hopes and dreams come true. Taking that into consideration, the best […]

Cosmote gave their users a chance to predict the outcome of the game…and the fans were right!

Football usually brings a lot of emotions to both fans and players, but if the best team in your country plays the last year’s runner-up of the Champions League, the tension runs truly high. This is exactly what happened in Greece recently. Cosmote, largest mobile network operator in Greece, didn’t want anyone to miss out […] launched a Black Friday promo and it’s not just engaging and fun, it’s international!

What is the point of Black Friday? For most companies that’s an ideal time to sell their stocks off and drop some novelties before Christmas. It’s a kind of demand booster too as people easily get used to pleasant activities and shopping with a significant discount is one of them. However, there are companies that […]

Thanks to Lidl & Live App Store a double skipass is just a click away!

Have you ever thought that a temporary change of environment is what you need to recover? Maybe a little bit of sport activities could be beneficial too? Well, an escape from duties, place of living and a busy lifestyle is a popular goal and it’s fine. Popularity of such a form of recreation allows brands […]

O2 organized a LIVE contest and the iPhone X winner is not the only one gaining from the stream!

If you know the mechanisms of Social Media even a little bit, you are surely aware of what is the reach of a post and that companies spend money to make their content visible more often. Some of them pay Facebook to increase that rate, but even then, there is no certainty about a frequency […]

Knorr invites its followers to Nick Cave’s concert and boosts brand awareness!

The digital era can be described by a lot of features and an instant flow of information is surely one of them. Popular content goes viral in an insane pace and social media platforms boost this process significantly. Posts that get numerous reactions or comments during a short period of time used to appear on […]

You Can Drive shares its followers’ automotive passion and proves it through a Live App!

Social Media allow brands to communicate with their followers as directly as it is possible online. Nowadays the main task for marketers is to make followers feel tied with the company and in consequence transform them into customers. People used to trust those organizations which share the same values and passions – that’s why brands […]

Greeks keep their fingers crossed and reactions clicked for the National Football Team!

Sports emotions may be a great marketing tool. In some countries football is treated like a religion and during the match time only the stadium and pubs are crowded – everyone watches. The right utilization of supporters’ engagement can bring results that are more than satisfying. Piraeus Bank, an official sponsor of the Greek National […]

M&M’s go well with movies, so they use a Live App to promote their alliance with StarzPlay VOD!

Some products match with each other so well that economists call them complementary. If beer becomes cheaper and its consumption increases, we may suppose that peanuts will be bought more often; if gyms in some city start competing by cutting their lift passes’ prices, surely more people begin workout and some of them will buy […]

Monster Munch goes LIVE with a real pumpkin and virtual Halloween surroundings!

If you have heard about Live Apps earlier, you surely know that our apps behave like a stream, but are made digitally. We also used to handle streaming of real live events, adding to them some elements that enabled Facebook viewers to have an impact on the show. Our blog posts often contain information about […]