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Emirates Islamic gives away money and transfers it in just ONE minute!


We live in a world where one can earn money with single clicks on our desktops, or with single taps on our smartphones. It’s banks like Emirates Islamic that make that possible. Recently they launched a simple, one question contest on Facebook in a form of a Live App.

Participants submitted their answers by reacting to the post. Each reaction corresponded with a different answer and the count of votes under each answer was updated live in the stream. This might seem unfair as everyone could see which answer had the most votes and then vote on the same answer, but in fact that was the aim of the competition.
The question was “how long does it take to transfer money to India with Emirates Islamic”, and the bank wanted everyone to know that the right answer is just one minute.
The voters were incited with the possibility of winning 500AED Gift vouchers to spend
at MAF Malls.


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