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Wizzair makes you think about holiday destination in the middle of March. We cannot wait either!


Wizzair is a Hungarian airline that attracts a lot of passengers aboard due to its great price-to-quality ratio. The brand recently surpassed the tipping point that is 3,000,000 Facebook fans. They turned to us at Live Apps to help them create a live Facebook video that would attract more fans and give the opportunity for current ones to win attractive prizes.

The live stream consisted of the fans voting for the cities they’d love to visit the most
and the choice was between #Kutaisi in Georgia, #Larnaca in Cyprus or #TelAviv in Israel. Three winners were chosen by random and the winner of the most voted for city would receive a €1,000 voucher, the winner of the 2nd most voted city would receive a €500 voucher, and the winner of the 3rd city would receive a €250 voucher! The more votes
a city received, the better the voucher’s value was, which resulted in an amazing audience engagement. 

The live video received almost 24K Comments, 288K Views and 7.7K Reactions.

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