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Have you ever seen a market research conducted on Facebook Live? Pepco did it with Live Apps Store!


Scroll, stop, like, scroll, stop, like, scroll, scroll. Most of the time, this is what our Facebook browsing looks like. The common phrase “I was just scrolling through my News Feed” (emphasis on scrolling) didn’t just come out of the blue. We rarely spend more than a few seconds on individual posts. This makes the work of marketers harder, as they want to convey the message about their product, or maybe learn something about their clients.

It’s important for companies to receive feedback on their products to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and later use that knowledge to improve them. Pepco,
in order to find out what the opinions on their newsletters are, decided to use our Reaction&Hashtag Vote Live App. News Feed scrollers who saw the app had to react
to the post to express their thoughts. Each reaction matched a different opinion.
Thanks to the simplicity of the poll, the company was able to collect a lot of results
in a short period of time.

Live Apps solve the omnipresent problem with our short attention spans, by simply not requiring to much time from us. If you want to learn about the services we offer, feel free to text us at

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