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Lidl and Live Apps Store team up once again to run a giveaway!


Nowadays, simple clicks can have a big influence on our lives. A perfect proof of that statement could be shown by the contest organized by Lidl in Spain. To celebrate their
2M followers on Facebook, they decided to give away 200 gift cards.

The course of the contest took place in a form of a Live App. Everyone who reacted to the live post, throughout its duration, became a participant, and had a chance to win funds
for a trip of their lives. Social Media marketing is a very strong mean of promotion,
and such posts bring incredible engagement. No one loses here – the company promotes their brand; the public has a chance of winning a prize, while not being annoyed by the ad itself, which is another advantage of organic content.

We offer a wide range of apps – from simple, like this Reactions Puzzle, to much more complicated quizzes or games. You can will definitely find something for yourself.
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