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Pandora made their fans love the brand even more on Valentine’s Day wtih a Live App!


Brands in the fashion industry have it harder in the field of marketing and publicity –
the typical approach is to make a celebrity the face of the brand and have a photoshoot
of them wearing the products. This strategy makes it sort of difficult for the advertisements not to become monotonous, therefore ineffective and unprofitable.

For the 14th of February, the famous jewelry producer Pandora asked us to create a Live App promoting their newest Valentine’s collection. The stream consisted of 4 pictures
of new items of jewelry in Pandora’s collection and people could, by using specific hashtags in the comments, choose their favorite one. 5 lucky followers also got the chance to get a bag of Pandora goodies by voting. V-day is the day for celebrating love
and fans loved it! The Live App lasted for four hours, resulting in 106K views, 1.6K comments, 1.4K reactions and 173 shares, which is a really great outcome!

Feel free to get in touch with us at to learn more or request your own Live App. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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