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Cosmote promoted their Christmas channel with a Crossword puzzle – a classic free-time entertainment idea!


Christmas time is divided in two opposing segments. The first segment consists of people on holidays, whose goal is to spend time enjoying the goods of life. The second one if filled by those, who provide the services necessary for the first segment to successfully reach that goal. While for some Christmas is all about relaxing, and not thinking about work,
for others it’s the most intense time of the year. CosmoteTV is a representative of the latter.

They’ve decided to feature 80 films in 18 days during Christmas time on their Cosmote Cinema Christmas channel. Such an initiative needed to be well promoted, and since we are a part the same segment, we took action. We have created a live crossword puzzle app with hidden names of movies and Christmas slogans. Its form required the participants to actually find the subject of the promotion themselves. Through genuine engagement and interactions, the app built a relationship between the players and the brand. Hence, a click-through to their website became much more probable.

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