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The Wheel of Fortune uncovers awards… During yet another cooperation with Kamis!


Everyone has different memories and associations with Christmas. Apart from the regular ones such as Christmas songs, decorations, family time, we usually have some uncommon ones too. For some it’s the heat of a fireplace, the taste of their grandmother’s gingerbread, or… the smell of Christmas spices.

The Wheel of Fortune designed for Kamis is supposed to help us build an association
of a brand with Christmas. In a live-streamed game, players have to guess what words
are hidden behind the tiles. A tile is removed, uncovering a letter, after receiving
a determined number of reactions or comments with #Hashtags under the post.
The way the gameplay is designed, increases its reach in a self-propelling fashion.
People react and comment on the app in order to play the game, which leads to more people finding out about the app, it is a true Wheel of Fortune! The players have to guess the hidden words and finish the beginning of a sentence. The best answers are awarded. The app engages the players and boosts the positive image of Kamis!

Organizing contests is a great tool when it comes to promoting brands, but the right frame and place are essential to get the best of their potential. If you want to know how we can enrich your marketing campaign, just get in touch with us at

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