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Asus promotes ZenFone 4 through Live Apps as no one has ever done before; will you jump at it?


If you were a PC games player in previous decades, it’s certain that you would have some sentiment to at least one of them. However, when it comes to technology, development
of both hardware and software happens so fast that most of older games can be run
on smartphones fluently.

Over a dozen years ago, Deluxe Ski Jump was a very popular game in Poland. As Asus runs its winter campaign, they decided to bring back those memories and refer to the game in the most engaging place there is – Facebook Newsfeed. It seems to be a clever move as the generation playing Ski Jump is currently 25-40 years old, so that’s a perfect target group for Asus. We created a Live App and divided the screen of ZenFone 4 into four. Every piece contained different ski jumper (their names referred to the best Polish contestants), whose time and distance of jump depended on viewers’ votes. In result, taking part in such game boosted the number of comments and the organic reach,
so the product placement was done more efficiently!

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