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O2 organized a LIVE contest and the iPhone X winner is not the only one gaining from the stream!


If you know the mechanisms of Social Media even a little bit, you are surely aware of what is the reach of a post and that companies spend money to make their content visible more often. Some of them pay Facebook to increase that rate, but even then, there is no certainty about a frequency of appearance of the posts. Even if a lot of people see
the post and only few people will react and comment, big sums of money will not make enough impact to make the content going viral.

O2, as a company which understands Internet realities very well, turned to us for a Live App that could gather thousands of reactions. Their marketers decided to organize
a contest with an iPhone X to win. The participants’ task was to gather at least ten thousand of reactions under the stream – then the draw has been made. Such an amount allows the page to increase an organic reach of not only that post, but also others. Henceforth, Facebook algorithms have begun to find the O2 page as a provider
of interesting content! Another important thing – as you can see, now we can change
the format of the stream into a square, so it looks perfect on both desktop and mobile!

If you need a medium to organize a contest, launch a new product or announce some promotional action and in the same time boost the traffic on your fanpage don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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