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Twix raises the… bars of Social Media competition with a Live App Hash & Reactions battle!


September is a month of returning – from holiday to school, work, university. Some of us are looking forward to going back to our routines, meeting mates regularly and so on, but others hurt when even think about their duties. However, there are some things in our lives that don’t change independently on environment and times.

Grabbing a Twix bar is one of them, but the brand decided to pose a question ‘When does Twix taste better – at office or during holidays?’. In fact, positive associations (breaks in work and summer rest) may affect our tastes. That’s why having two pieces of Twix gives a possibility to place one on holidays’ side and the second one at work’s side. Which one do the public prefer? Voting through reactions and displaying results at the stream enables us to verify it quickly! You can see the stream embeded below.

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