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McDonald’s knows how to make promotional slogans remembered – encourages people to find it in a Live App game!


Everyone remembers this one question from some exam which made him/her struggle with an answer. The truth is, difficult things provided in engaging form are the most memorable – and good marketers can take advantage of this.

On the occasion of launching new series of exclusive burgers & snacks, McDonald’s asked us for a Live App promoting their new slogan ‘A feast not only for your palate’. In aim to draw people’s attention and engage them, we embedded it within our Wheel of Fortune format, an interactive game for Facebook users. Their main task is to uncover the password, providing right letters. However, there’s nothing for free – players gain
the opportunity to guess the next letter only if the amount of reactions exceeds the set minimum. The outcome? Thousands of both reactions and comments, all correlated
with the new slogan!

We can say that in this case they killed two birds with one stone. Have an idea for the use of Live Apps in your mission or do you want us to propose one? Just send an email at, we’ll come up with the best possible solution!

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