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Wizzair airlines dish out awards and benefit from it – a perfect example on how to celebrate 2M Facebook fans.


What is the best in plane travelling? Lots of people adore flights, but the truth is we are doing it due to destinations, displayed on airport’s monitors as names of cities. Everyday Wizzair airlines transport thousands of people across the world. On the occasion
of reaching 2 million Facebook fans they launched the Live App crossword and fans’ objective was to find 10 cities served by Wizz and pin them down in comments using right hashtag. When 200 comments contained a given city, it showed up on the list and changed its colour on the table. The remaining letters formed a special sentence and every Facebook user who wrote it beneath had an opportunity to get a special award.


The effects were awesome – 13 thousand comments were left, which significantly increased the number of views. Of course, there are also other, immeasurable positive effects for companies like Wizzair – fans expecting creative content more often check your page and brand’s image improves. Independently if you have great idea how
to promote your brand or have none, just write us at

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