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When emotions reach the zenith, launch a Live App, a perfect crowning of an evening with Lotto Ekstraklasa!


Season 2016/2017 is coming to an end, yet still, in Polish first soccer division, four teams have nearly equal chances to win the title. The most important matches are played in May, so, the question who will get the trophy heat up supporters of all these teams.

Ekstraklasa, as usually, came to great idea how to use that to attract new fans and boost their SM traffic. They asked us for creating a stream showing results of ongoing matches and simultaneously counting votes in a poll for a new champion. Four different reactions and hashtags enabled people to support their favourite teams. The result? Stream gathered few times the reach that the most important goals from that matchday.


Our cooperation with Ekstraklasa is full of successes, mainly due to mutual awareness of social media specifics and common ground of interest. If you consider an own way to boost your brand recognition, don’t hesitate and write us at

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