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Lazada took their Live App giveaway to the next level! Four different prizes to win in four hours!


Lazada is the biggest online retailer in Southeast Asia. You can buy pretty much everything you need through their websites and mobile apps, as well as check out products offered by brands from almost every sector.

Lazada decided to go live with us in order to run a giveaway competition combined with a countdown to a surprise megasale organized for their 5th birthday. The contest consisted of four stages and offered four prizes, sponsored by four well-known companies – Samsung, Acer, Philips and Meguiar’s.

The rules of the competition were clear – users had to comment the post with a particular #hashtag to vote for one of the products or features presented in the graphics.
Afterwards, four lucky winners were able to enjoy some fancy prizes, like high-quality wireless speaker or even a laptop.


Live Apps can combine many scenarios at once, in one stream and allow brands to communicate with their fans in real time. As you can see they work great for both E-commerce companies and consumer brands, allowing them to engage their Facebook audience in all of their promotional endeavors. We can’t wait for the future cooperation on such a bold scale!

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