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Netflix took the absolute best from Live Apps by broadcasting Dubbing Duels!


Do you know Dubbing Contests? Impro standuppers meet in a pub or any other place, somebody displays mute video and contestants have no time to think what they should tell – yet they have to say something! Awkward silences and punchlines unconsciously brought in a perfect synchronization make everybody laugh out loud. Streaming such events enables us to take part in the fun at homes, but this time event promoters had developed that idea much, much further. The K2 agency contacted Live Apps Store to perform a truly custom broadcast…

The contest was organized in a place called Comedy Club in Warsaw, and the performance of the comedians was judged online through hashtags. However, old but gold social media rule says that there is no such thing like too much interaction. The live stream consisted of two stages. First one gave people the chance to choose which clip of a popular TV series was about to be dubbed. Below you can see how the mighty House of Cards got the part in the opening battle. It’s a time lapse of a voting that lasted about 10 minutes:


Then, during the battle, comedians would be matched in pairs to dub the same clip. They were not prepared and didn’t know what they are about to interpret. While they were doing their best to fit in the scenes and make the audience laugh, people online could vote for their skills. You can see the numbers growing below their names:


To make things really clear, the panel at the bottom of the screen displayed the avatar of the comedian currently speaking. After two different takes on the same clip the battle was over and… we could move to the next one. The evening witnessed a dozen of such battles, so you can probably imagine the amount of laugh it delivered!
The Live App counted hashtags automatically, so the flow of information about who wins battle or which film will be displayed as following didn’t make any delay in the event organization.

Brilliant concept of live usage promoted both by the club and the portal that streamed it. We are pleased that new adaption of Live Apps confirmed us in confidence that the range of implementations is as broad as people’s, and our!, creativity.

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