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Running sale already? Why not ask your followers what items should be discounted the way Kinguin did?!


Kinguin, the largest alternative marketplace to Steam, Origin and with over 4 million loving customers, has decided to go live on Facebook with one of our Live Apps, Hash Battle. The brand has decided to ask their followers to pick the games they would like to see on New Year’s Sale! How clever is that?!


Users, once got the Kinguin’s Live Post visible in their News Feed, after being automatically notified the FB page is live, had a chance to pick from 6 various game titles, like Fifa 17, or Battlefield to name a few. When somebody wanted to cast their vote all they had to do was to post a # comment with one of the titles listed. After maximum 4 hours of Live broadcast Kinguin announced the discounted, “hashpicked” game titles.

If you’re thinking about branding your own game and letting your followers play it live in their News Feed just drop us a line at!

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