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Be fast or be last! Take a screenshot of European bison once it shows up on a meadow. Win bottles of Żubrówka!


Here is the storyline. The longest night in a year has just passed. On that night, bisons naturally walk out to a meadow for a little get together. Once you see any take a screenshot. You can also try and bait them with either Facebook Reactions or smart and catchy comments. Bisons tend to be Reactions greedy! If you make it, you will be awarded with a bottle of Żubrówka! Be fast or be last.


The Live App that engaged the followers of Żubrówka is a great example of how a brand could invite their fans to take part in a Live post contest. Within the 4 hours of live broadcast the main characters of the story appeared up to 10 times. The main trigger for getting high post engagement was the idea of using Reactions and comments that users lured the bisons with. This way we have come up with yet another unique Live App format that your brand can order.

Set the background, decide on the main elements that will show up for the time period you may preset, set the intervals and reward the fastest screenshot takers! Get in touch with as at

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