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It’s your call – #comment Live what you want to get from Pakamera online shop!


With high sales season just around the corner, e-commerce businesses have already started teasing their potential customers with their unique offers. From one year to another, standing out in the crowd gets harder and harder, but Pakamera, a leading peer-to-peer online shop, did their job really well. The company has decided to go Live on Facebook with one of the most popular Live App formats – Hash Vote, with award-give away.


Within the live video post Pakamera users were asked to pick the award they would like to get by commenting the post with given hashtags. Once posted, the last voter’s name was displayed live in the App. The winner was the person who managed to be the last voter displayed in the broadcast just before its finale. The Live App did really well response-wise, it managed to score 14k Reactions, Comments and Shares and reached 16k people.

Going Live has never been so easy – get in touch with us at and we will make sure you get what you need to engage your followers!

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