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Dilemma: engage live through Reactions or #Comments? Use both like Mentos did!


Why limit yourself to using Reactions only or just #comments for casting votes while going live on Facebook?! Ask your followers to use both to cast their votes. We have developed a Live App for Mentos where followers were asked to pick their favorite flavor either way.


In other words, if you’re more into the chocolate ones, you could either pick a Love Reaction or post a comment saying #choco. Our Live App was counting both actions and presented the results in real time! To spice the engagement up a bit the brand had decided to award the person who was listed within the Live App when the broadcast finished with 100 Mentos rolls! Yummy.

Last but not least, statistic-wise the Live App was viewed over 88k times, it has reached 935k people who interacted with the post more than 82k times with Reactions, Comments and Shares.


Views: 88k
Reach: 935k
Reactions, comments & shares: 82k

Feel free to get in touch with us, or with the Live Apps team to learn more, or get one. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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