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You say engagement, we say hyper engagement – Domodi went Live with Live Apps


Since we have launched our new service last week, we are trying to dig ourselves up from the inquiries we get from all over the world; being busy is a bit of an understatement. Surprise, surprise… it seems that everybody wants to go live now! We have started with 6 different Live App formats, but in the meantime we have managed to come up with one that could be a killer!

A combination of Record Breaker and Has Vote triggered an avalanche of engagement. The concept of the App was based on an idea to push its organic reach even higher than live broadcasting does. Prompting the users to comment on the live video post wasn’t enough, but awarding the most active user turned out to be exactly what we needed.


The scenario was as follows; our Live App presented six different sneaker brands offered by Domodi, one of the leading fashion marketplaces. The followers were asked to post # comments of the pair they would like to be awarded with (e.g. #nike). The Live App recorded every single vote and listed the last voter’s name. The winner was the person who would be the last one to be mentioned within the Live App. What happened next, blew our minds off!

The Live App has reached nearly 800k users organically, with more than 100k unique viewers watching it for 10 seconds on average and posting 74k comments! You need to go Live too and we mean now!

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